Muay Thai

Muay Thai

Memberships include classes such as Pads, Technique, Heavy Bags, Fight Camp, and Open Gym.

Please find class descriptions below.

Membership Options:

All memberships include unlimited access to all Freestyle Muay Thai classes.

12-month membership 


6-month membership 


Monthly membership 


Unlimited Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu


Day Punchcard Options:

5 session pass


10 session pass


*NO enrollment fees, must enroll in person at FMT facility, Day passes can be shared, used at the member’s convenience and expire 1 year after purchase date.

Class Descriptions

Muay Thai

These classes can be an introduction to Muay Thai for some or can be a refresher course for others.  Sessions will focus on helping build a strong foundation in  fundamentals. Instruction will focus mainly on proper body mechanics, rhythm, footwork and balance.

Heavy Bag

Sessions begin with a warm-up and continue with shadow-boxing and heavy bag work, Workouts range from repetitions to open rounds. Trainers will guide you on the correct way to use the heavy bags in order for you to get the most out of your training. The heavy bags can be an excellent tool to increase your conditioning and form.  


Pad sessions will give both the holder and the hitter the opportunity to find their own rhymn and balance while flowing from technique to technique. Sessions will include instruction on correct holds for the various types of training pads. Pad holding technique is very important in order for your to avoid injury and give your partner a great workout.


Sessions will include repetition of both defensive and offensive techniques while working with a partner. These rounds are designed to give you the opportunity to perfect basic techniques.  

Fight Team

In order to become a member of our fight team and compete, you will be expected to display a proficiency with your Muay Thai technique and have an overall understanding and respect for the art.  You must display consistency with your attendance and training. A fight team member is expected to work hard, work smart and have an open mind. 

Fight Camp

Sessions will include Wai Kru Ram Muay instruction, technical sparring, clinching, exercise and stretching.  Sparring and Clinching helps to establish your balance, range, timing and CONTROL. Remember, this NOT A FIGHT!  This is practice with your team. 

FMT Kids

Sessions focus on sharing our passion for Muay Thai while teaching the kids to live F.E.A.R.C. (Focus Effort Attendance Respect Confidence) Trainers will emphasize these principles among others during all training days. Kids will learn techniques that work in real life self-defense situations. Children that are consistent with their training will improve their mental toughness, balance, body control as well as their strength and conditioning.

Jiu Jitsu

Instruction will focus on fundamental no-gi techniques, conceptual knowledge and positional/flow drilling. The advanced no-gi techniques will incorporate concepts and positions made famous by Eddie Bravo, Marcelo Garcia, Kazushi Sakuraba, etc.

A Final Word

The above descriptions are basic and intended only as a guideline. Each fighter will have his strength and weakness; some will have strong high kicks where others may be powerful in the clinch with good knees. In any Martial Art, there are qualities required to succeed. Dedication, Patience, and Respect are certainly among them. Dedication to apply the lessons given; patience to await the rewards of your perseverance; and respect for your fellow boxers, whose advice, however simple, is for your benefit. Training in Muay Thai is hard work and no one is going to force you into the ring, so no one can force you to train. The discipline must come from yourself to achieve a level of proficiency. Martial Arts is a life long study and whether starting at fifty or fifteen, there is something for everyone in Muay Thai or which ever style you chose.

– Andy Thomson, Lanna Muay Thai


To be a boxer, one must not lack courage. It is important to make oneself accustomed to pain and danger without any fear.